SPY - 2010 Mercedes-Benz S 600 Coupe

After a long period of time with no spy images at all, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Coupe has been finally spotted by photographers running pretty much undisguised on the roads of Germany.

The version captured by the lens of the photo camera is the high-end S 600 Coupe, powered by the thirsty V12 unit, delivering a staggering 517 BHP. If rumours are to be believed, then by the next generation of the S-Klasse lineup, this engine will be phased out in favour of new V6 and V8 powerplants, which feature twin-turbocharging, direct injection and other clever technologycal solutions to improve efficiency and also boost performance figures.

The exterior details that depict this S-Coupe as being the S 600 are the generous chrome touches around the radiator grille, front and rear bumper and on the side profile, at the bottom of the doors, as well as the exhaust pipes divised into 2 sections. Other changes to the looks of this classy coupe will be the addition of LED technology, which are added to the headlights(expected to grow in dimensions and be slightly resketched by adding a more pronounced upper lid in order to accomodate the conventional lights, the infrared beam projector for the Night View ASSIST and the LEDs) and to the tail lights. In the interior, the modifications will be similar to those of the S-Klasse Limousine.

As previously said, Mercedes-Benz will debut along with the S-Klasse Coupe the new range of modular power units, badged 'MoVe', comprising V6 and V8 engines, diesel or petrol-running, with outputs ranging from 252 up to 544 BHP.

The first information on the new S-Klasse Coupe will be released by mid-2010, with the official unveiling scheduled for the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris.

Source of the photos >> Jalopnik

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