ANALYSIS - The Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive Concept

Having seen the last models Mercedes-Benz has introduced in the past 2-3 years, it is inevitable to draw certain similarities concerning the exterior design between them and the beautiful Ocean Drive Concept, that was revealed in 2006 at NAIAS.

In 2007, in January to be more precise, the new C-Class was being launched. The exterior mirrors of the new mid-size sedan mimicked those of the Ocean Drive.

C-Klasse C 204 ext. mirror

Ocean Drive Concept ext. mirror


Two years later, around the same time, the new E-Class was beginning its career. The controversial Ponton rear arch crease was also inspired by the one found on the Ocean Drive. The more pronounced, V-shaped radiator grille of the new E-Class was also previewed on the 4door cabrio prototype. This makes the E-Class front profile seen from above to be nearly identical to that of the Ocean Drive Concept. The LED technology for the lights(front and tail) also goes without saying.

E-Class Rear Arch Crease

Ocean Drive Concept Rear Arch Crease

E-Class radiator grille

Ocean Drive Concept V-shaped grille

E-Class front profile from above

Ocean Drive Concept front profile from above


In April 2009, the restyled S-Class was introduced at the Beijing Motor Show. Apart from the LEDs inside the headlights, the thin, very elegant LED stripes on the front bumper were reminiscent of the Ocean Drive.

S-Class LED stripe

Ocean Drive Concept LED stripe


And, now, 2010 has already come;and new Mercedes models are set to bow at specific auto shows during the year. Clearly, we all wait the new CLS-Class, the pioneer of the 4door coupe niche segment. And guess what:the new CLS will also borrow something from the Ocean Drive Concept.

Details of the Ocean Drive Concept headlights, with inner LED design

The answer is the very interesting inner headlight design the 4door Merc coupe will sport. Lots of LEDs that are guaranteed to make the new CLS look very high-tech, attractive and upscale.

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