Superstitious Schumacher receives no. 3 on his 2010 single-seater

Mercedes GP Petronas addressed some time ago an official petition to FIA, asking for a car number exchange between its 2 drivers, Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg.

As it was normal, Nico Rosberg, who arrived first at the new F1 team, received the number 3 on its car, while Schumacher, who came after, got number 4. However, the 7-times WDC amazed everyone with his superstition concerning even numbers, also adding the fact that he managed to achieve his titles only with cars carrying odd numbers:1,3 and 5. A modification was requested by Schumacher, who wanted #3. The solution to the unexpected demand stood in the hands of FIA, which, in the end, approved the car number exchange between the two drivers.

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