Mercedes-Benz-Blog TRIVIA: February 1935: premiere of the Mercedes-Benz 150 Sports Roadster (W 30 series)

This is well and truly a 'rara avis'. The 150 Sports Roadster from the 30s is a small series production Mercedes-Benz open-top model that's still an enigma for many of the fans of the Three-Pointed Star. Part of the W 30 series, the 150 roadster has a very incomplete history, as the car remained for so long hidden in the past, lurking somewhere in the darkness. Its Volkswagen Bettle-like front end design, as well as the impressive tail at the rear end-all of them remain as unique distinctive characteristics for the little roadster, and pretty much unconventional for a Mercedes-Benz model. The only example of the 150 Sports Roadster still living up to these days is the one in property of Daimler AG.

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