AMG mulling a future A-Klasse AMG model

Mercedes-Benz will start to debut its new A- & B-Klasse lineups beginning with 2011. The underpinnings will consist of a new FWD platform, called MFA. To spice things up, Mercedes-AMG GmbH has recently taken into consideration the possibility of building a RWD A-Klasse hot-hatch.

According to the AMG boss, Volker Mornhinweg, a front wheel drive configuration is not compatible with the company's core values, that claim a true supercar must only be rear wheel drive. Mornhinweg also stated that AMG is capable of developing such a platform for the future A-Klasse on its own. Moreover, he added that a 4-cylinder engine(why not V6?, we ask) could easily be heavy-tuned in order to deliver impressive high-output and high-torque numbers, as to become proper for powering the little beast. A final decision concerning the production of the A-Klasse AMG will be taken in the coming period. Fingers crossed!

Source of the photo >> Schulte Design

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