Daimler Heritage: TOPICS FOR JANUARY 2010


Stuttgart, Germany, Dec 01, 2009

105 years ago – January 1905: The “American Mercedes” was presented at the National Automobile Show in New York. It was a reproduction of the 45 hp Mercedes, built by the Daimler Manufacturing Company.

105 years ago – 25 January 1905: H. L. Bowden broke the world record for one mile with a flying start. At Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, he achieved an average speed of 176.5 km/h in a Mercedes powered by two 44-kW engines.

105 years ago – 30 January 1905: In the deciding race of the Ormond Derby, USA, E. R. Thomas drove a 90 hp Mercedes over ten miles at an average speed of 153.3 km/h, setting a new world record in the process.

60 years ago – January 1950: The Mercedes-Benz L 3250 truck was given a greater payload capacity and the new model designation L 3500.

45 years ago – 20-31 January 1965: The Mercedes-Benz LP 608 made its debut at the Brussels Motor Show; it was a lightweight forward-control truck in the category up to six tonnes.

15 years ago –23 January 1995: The first 500 vehicles of the new Sprinter (T 1 N) van series left the Düsseldorf plant. In May that year it was voted Van of the Year.

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