AMG to phase out the existing 6.2 L V8 in 2010

Beginning with the second half of 2010, Mercedes-AMG will replace the current aspirated V8 unit with a brand new series of twin-turbo 5.5 litres V8 engines.

The fresh powerplants will be premiered on AMG models at the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris, to take place between the 2nd and the 10th of October. The V8s will be capable of achieving impressing output numbers, expected to range from 550 HP up to 600 HP or even 700 HP in the case of extreme AMG version(e.g. Black Series). The addition of twin-turbocharging will rise the efficiency and will lower the consumption, while maintaning unaffected the well-known AMG sportiness and performance.

Apart from these new units that will also revive the "55 AMG" nameplate, the German tuner also investigates further ways to develop a comprehensive engine portfolio:start/stop and diesel combustion are on the list, as well as electricity. A full-electric SLS AMG model, that is said to be hiding no less than 526 HP under the bonnet, is already in the testing phase and on the way to an official premiere in 2013.

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