Daimler AG looking for a partner to co-develop future small/compact models

Daimler is currently in talks with several companies as to eventually establish a partnership for building its future range of small-sized and compact cars.

The information was revealed by Dr. Dieter Zetsche, the President of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, during an interview with Handelsblatt, a German daily newspaper. At this moment, among the potential partners, the most likely to be signed an agreement with and also the most rumoured one is Renault. The French group is keen to find a suitable, as well as low-cost, shared technical platform for developing small/compact models;on the other hand, Daimler is seeking an attractive and new range of powerplants to be installed under the hood of the forthcoming A- & B-Klasse replacers. We should get a definitive answer by mid-2010, when Daimler AG is said to officially announce the deal.

In the past, Daimler and BMW had been in talks for a possible cooperation, but the discussions never had a positive outcome.

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