SPY - 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Cabrio

The future E-Klasse Cabrio has been spotted by spy photographers during the testing programme.

Source of the photos:Autoblog,Spyshots.nl,AutoSpotter

The new open-top model from Stuttgart will continue to use a soft-top roof instead of a hard-top one. Moreover, it appears that Mercedes-Benz marketing staff has changed its mind:the E-Klasse Cabrio won't be revealed at this year's IAA Frankfurt, but at the Geneva Motor Show 2010. The reason is very simple:given the fact that we are talking about a cabrio version, this is far more suitable for the summer than for the autumn or even winter. So not wishing to affect the car's sales from the start of its career(also, given the current economical crisis), MB decided that March 2010 is indeed closer to summer than September 2009, so the new model could then attract more customers.

So, prepare yourself because you will have to endure a long period of unending bunches of spy pics featuring FEP* E-Klasse Cabrio test models!

*for those who do not know, FEP stands for Final Experimental Phase

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