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16 August 2009 – Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance:

The world’s finest classic cars will assemble at Pebble Beach. Several Mercedes-Benz cars representing various eras will set the tone.

6 August 1909 – 100 years ago:
Benz & Cie. registered its new trademark, which featured the name “Benz” in a stylised laurel wreath.

11 August 1959 – 50 years ago:
The revised “Ponton” four-cylinder models and the new “fintail” six-cylinder models were presented to the international press in Sindelfingen. The fintail body of the six-cylinder model was the first time Béla Barényi’s safety cell design had been realised in a production passenger car.

Other notable events:

22 August 1909 – 100 years ago: Fritz Erle won the one kilometre race in Frankfurt am Main in a Benz 200 hp. This car, which became known as the Lightning Benz, would set several world records in years to come.

17 August 1929 – 80 years ago: Rudolf Caracciola won the International Tourist Trophy in Ireland in the Mercedes-Benz SS.

5 August 1934 – 75 years ago: Rudolf Caracciola won the International Klausen Race in a new record time.

August 1954 – 55 years ago: The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (W 198 I) “Gullwing” went into series production.

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