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* Young Classics Store at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart

* Vehicle range includes recent classics from the 1970s to the 1990s – all in excellent condition

* Lease, sale, insurance and finance

Stuttgart, Germany, Mar 12, 2009 - Buy or lease your dream car: Mercedes-Benz Young Classics offers Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are already regarded as being classic cars – or at least have what it takes to become one. Unique across the industry, the Young Classics Store at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart houses a wide range of cars dating from the 1970s to the 1990s, vehicles which are in excellent condition and come with the Mercedes-Benz guarantee. “Young Classics offers everyone a chance to realise an automotive dream,” says Michael Bock, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Museum GmbH. In addition to sales and leasing, Young Classics also provides finance and insurance for classic cars.

For many younger car fans – not to mention those who consider themselves still young at heart – driving a recent classic is now considered something of a cult. But a Mercedes-Benz offers more: by virtue of the aura it exudes, a Mercedes-Benz is also a piece of cultural history – regardless of whether its year of construction places it in the category of vintage classic or of ‘youngtimer’. Because for the inventor of the automobile, every Mercedes-Benz helps promote the company’s tradition of shaping the future of individual mobility. Other quality aspects of the brand, such as safety and comfort, form a part of this tradition and lie at the core of the Mercedes-Benz philosophy: to offer the customer “the best of what is good” (Carl Benz) or simply “the best or not at all” (Gottlieb Daimler).

All Mercedes-Benz Young Classics have at one time been a part of our everyday lives and are now permanent aspects of our culture – ever-present reminders of an earlier age of motoring and contemporary witnesses for the generations still driving today. For this reason, a Mercedes-Benz Young Classic has a status somewhere between cult object and cultural artefact.

Mercedes-Benz Young Classics has responded to current public interest in recent classics by closing the gap between new vehicle purchases and the sort of specialised trade in classic cars provided by the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center. In so doing, Mercedes-Benz offers customers a unique tradition of continuity that embraces vehicles from all eras. Moreover, this offer is underpinned by the brand promise that a Mercedes-Benz is not only perfectly tailored as a new car to its owner, but that this will also be the case as a classic car of the future – offering additionally unique value stability.

One important guarantee in this respect is the Mercedes-Benz replacement part supply, which maintains a stock of specific parts even for very early vehicles. Indeed, for cars built in 1962 and later all relevant functional and safety parts are available ex stock. This, in turn, is vital for authenticity, for in line with its own high standards, the manufacturer itself guarantees maintenance of its products.

Mercedes-Benz Young Classics will also be presenting its portfolio at the Techno Classica in Essen (April 1 – 5, 2009), the world’s largest classic vehicle show. Anyone interested is invited to inspect the vehicles – and perhaps consider a lease or purchase.

Mercedes-Benz Young Classics is supported by the Business Innovation unit. The aim of the Business Innovation Team is to explore growth opportunities along the entire value chain. The focus is on unexploited potential within the company, as well as new business ideas relating to the current core business. Mercedes-Benz Young Classics demonstrates the breadth of the opportunities that exist for translating inherent strengths into additional, profitable growth.

Contact details:
Mercedes-Benz Young Classics
Mercedesstraße 100
70372 Stuttgart
phone +49 (0) 711/17-3 00 00

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