New: Europe-wide TruckStore warranty and redesign of


Stuttgart, Germany, Nov 26, 2008

* TruckStore sells used trucks throughout Europe

* 12-month warranty for the entire powertrain

* Valid in all EU countries for all vehicle makes

* Covers the cost of repairs – without any excess

* with optimised design and navigation functions

* Available in 13 languages – now also in Romanian

* Unique similarity search comes up with the right truck every time

TruckStore, the used vehicle specialist from Mercedes-Benz, is introducing a new Europe-wide warranty and unveiling its redesigned website with optimised navigation functions. As the largest used-vehicle dealer for trucks, TruckStore sells vehicles of all brands, body configurations and ages.

The new TruckStore warranty applies in all EU countries

TruckStore now offers a new TruckStore warranty that applies throughout Europe to all brands. It is available for used trucks of all brands and body configurations in the Gold and Silver categories, providing the vehicle is no more than six years old. The 12-month warranty applies to the entire powertrain and, in the event of damage, covers the full cost of repairs without the customer having to pay any excess. Whether you're looking at German motorways, the Spanish Riviera or the Scandinavian fjords, the TruckStore warranty applies to the whole of Europe with unlimited mileage. Simple, unbureaucratic processing along with a multilingual telephone service ensure the customer receives fast, professional, round-the-clock assistance should the unexpected occur.

Further information and competent advice on the TruckStore warranty can be obtained locally in any of the 31 TruckStore locations or by visiting gets a design makeover and optimised navigation functions

The TruckStore website at has been given a complete makeover: the Internet platform has been entirely redesigned and enables used-truck customers to reach their goal even faster – a vehicle suited to their needs – thanks to improved, intuitive navigation functions. The new website is now even user-friendlier with its clearly structured sections, simple controls and optimised contact functions. In addition to the new design, users also benefit from language and country recognition features. There is a new addition here too, since the website now 'speaks' a 13th language, allowing customers from Romania to easily search for their desired vehicle in their own language. also features a similarity search – an absolute first in used-truck sales: if an initial search only returns a small number of vehicles based on the customer's desired criteria, performs a background search to automatically look for similar vehicles. No matter how complex the body type, wheel arrangement or special equipment, the similarity search knows where to look from an average stock of some 4000 trucks Europe-wide and puts forward a suitable vehicle for the customer. What's more, possible entry errors in the search enquiry are sorted out in a customer-friendly manner. Customers don't have to go to the trouble of searching as does all the work for them. The logic behind this system is based on the extensive expert know-how and experience of the TruckStore sales team.

Thanks to innovations such as the similarity search and the Europe-wide TruckStore warranty, TruckStore is able to meet increasingly demanding customer requirements and continue to extend its lead at the very forefront of innovation.

TruckStore – used trucks and services from Mercedes-Benz

As part of the Mercedes-Benz sales organisation, TruckStore is Europe's largest dealer for used trucks of all brands, ages and body configurations. In addition, TruckStore provides a wide range of established services including financing, leasing and an EU-wide warranty. TruckStore is growing constantly and already boasts 31 locations in 14 European countries, where it sells more than 20,000 vehicles annually. Furthermore, TruckStore can accept trucks made by any manufacturer as payment, whether they be individual vehicles or entire fleets.

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