Daimler HighTechReport: The Fascination of Technology - Issue 02/2008 - PART II


Stuttgart, Nov 25, 2008


Daimler is setting new milestones in vehicle safety by developing pioneering active and passive safety systems. Examples from the past include the first airbags in production vehicles as well as the anticipatory occupant protection system PRE-SAFE®. Today, the company’s researchers and developers are working on turning the “Vision of Accident-Free Driving” into reality. Their objective is to minimize the risk of accidents and provide victims with even better protection should an incident occur.

One of their ambitious projects for the future is the creation of an innovative airbag that automatically adapts itself to the size and weight of different front passengers and thereby helps to individualize occupant protection even more. Julien Richert (left) from the Occupant Protection Systems research group and his colleague Matthias Struck (right) from the Innovative Restraint Systems development team are preparing a prototype in the workshop for further measurements. The future airbag’s behavior will depend on factors such as the position of the seat, which will be detected by the vehicle’s electronic system. The farther the front passenger seat is set back, the more strongly the variable front passenger airbag has to inflate within fractions of a second in order to provide the best protection possible.


Besides additional photos, our website contains short overviews of the research and development units that are involved with active and passive safety, as well as a workshop talk with the three center directors responsible for the development activities: Rodolfo Schöneburg (Development Passive Safety), Hans-Georg Metzler (Group Research/Advanced Development), and Thomas Breitling (Development Active Safety).


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