Daimler HighTechReport: The Fascination of Technology - Issue 02/2008 - PART I


Stuttgart, Nov 25, 2008


Dear readers, Before an idea can become a marketable product, it’s essential to have not only outstanding know-how but also optimal networking and a creative exchange of ideas. By intensifying the links between research and development, we’ve laid a foundation that will enable our engineers to exploit such a working environment. Last summer we also launched a very special kind of innovation process that we call the “Daimler Innovation Jam.” The result of this “virtual brainstorming” is impressive, as you can see in the article that starts on page 24.

Future drive systems Mobility is a complex and, above all, global topic. Only companies that have expertise in all the relevant areas of technology and combine it with that of outstanding partners will lead the race to come up with the best drive system concepts. We recently presented an example of such a concept at the Paris Motor Show: a Mercedes-Benz S 400 BlueHYBRID with a lithium-ion battery. We’ve also launched the world’s largest electric vehicle project by putting 100 electric cars on the road in Berlin. You can find out about further milestones on the road map to sustainable mobility at Research and Development by reading the comprehensive report that starts on page 32.

Electronic quality Vehicle electronic systems clearly show the importance of having a broad range of know-how within a company. Although Daimler, like all other automakers, purchases many electronic components from suppliers, our engineers possess an internally and externally recognized degree of expertise for ensuring top electronic quality - from a component’s conception to its use in a model series. The article beginning on page 54 reports on how this quality is assured.

Vehicle safety It’s a well-known fact that we set extremely high standards when it comes to vehicle safety. Starting on page 46, I’d like to introduce you to “Attention Assist,” the latest example of a Daimler assistance system. You can find out about the next steps toward making our “Vision of Accident-Free Driving” a reality by going to www.daimler.com/innovation and reading about an HTR online workshop talk with the researchers and developers who are implementing our strategy.

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