Mercedes-Benz expands brand portal for cell phones


* New entertainment features including Mercedes-Benz TV and the music download platform Mixed Tape are now available

* Mobile brand portal now also offers elements like car configuration and motor sports activities

Stuttgart, Germany, Oct 15, 2008 – Mercedes-Benz is increasing its mobile marketing activities by expanding its brand portal for mobile terminals at . The portal’s existing four sections New Vehicles, Brand World, Entertainment, as well as Service and Contact, have been joined by additional entertainment platforms such as Mercedes-Benz TV and the music download service Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape. The range of personalized services is rounded off by a car configurator and information on the technical details of each model offered by the Stuttgart-based automotive brand.

“The mobile brand portal enables us to expand the direct contact with a growing target group,” says Dr. Olaf Göttgens, Vice President Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Cell phones are one of the most frequently utilized means of communication, and our portal enables customers and individuals interested in the brand to call up - at any time and from any location - all kind of information, including everything from the technical details of our vehicles to entertainment features and a dealership search function.”

Mercedes-Benz TV sets cell phones in motion - A weekly magazine is providing exclusive reports on the brand, in the form of streams or downloads. Users can also watch features on the five different web channels Lifestyle, Vehicles, Motor and Sports, History and Legends, and Innovation.

A further highlight at the mobile platform is the popular music download service Mixed Tape, available from October 17 onward. Mixed Tape offers promising music artists a stage to present their work to a broader public. Once every eight weeks, new compilations for downloading mp3 files to cell phones are available on the platform. The Mixed Tape Music Magazine - a monthly music show featuring video clips, the latest music trends, and album tips - will also be available as a video stream in the future.

Information on the Mercedes-Benz brand and its model range has been expanded as well, by enabling mobile portal visitors to configure their own personal dream car and then download a series of images of the vehicle to their cell phones. All passenger car model series - from the A-Class to the SL - are available with this service, which allows users to choose from diverse equipment lines and packages and various rim and paint styles, among other things. Through the portal, motor sports fans have the opportunity to obtain information on Mercedes-Benz’ involvement in the Formula 1 and DTM racing series. This section offers portraits of drivers, teams, and vehicles, as well as the latest racing results and all data on races that have already been run.

The Service & Contact section helps users with various issues. A mobile dealer search feature provides information on the nearest available sales partner, and also offers an immediate dialing function to call them. In addition to that, Mercedes-Benz operates a 24-hour support service, an airport service, and a pick-up and drop-off service via the mobile portal.

Mercedes-Benz is facilitating access to its portal for all mobile terminals by making a mobile launcher available as a download. This application enables users to go directly to the portal without having to enter its Web address.

Available in Germanyand several other European countries, the mobile brand portal will be continually updated in the future and linked to mobile marketing campaigns as they occur. The Mercedes-Benz Mobile Brand Portal was designed and implemented in cooperation with the dialogue marketing agency Proximity Germanyand the mobile marketing specialist company YOC AG.

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