Strange promo from Maybach: Models now cost $100,000 less

The Maybach story will soon come to an end, as Mercedes-Benz executives took the decision of putting the exclusive luxury brand to sleep once and for all after talks with Aston Martin on a possible collaboration failed last Autumn. The sales have painfully decreased every year since 2002, when the 57 and 62 models were introduced, and numbers for Q1 of 2012 don't look great either.

In a last effort to minimize the inevitable losses, the company is now offering a radical discount of around $100,000 (approx. €76500) for each client who picks a Maybach as new personal car. Thus, the overall price drops to a massive $279,050 (€212,660), which is less than one would pay for a Bentley Mulsanne or Rolls-Royce Phantom. The only difference is that those cars sell like hot cakes, whereas Maybach doesn't, sadly. To conclude, it will be quite impossible to convince customers in choosing a 57, 62, Landaulet or S version over the strong competition or the S 600 V12 model from Mercedes-Benz, which costs almost €91,000 less. Refinement and classiness are not sufficient values: above all, Maybach remains an old-fashioned limousine, with outdated technology and a rather ridiculous purchasing price.

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