REPORT: Mercedes-Benz to revise naming structure of future cars

We have once reported on a fake return of Mercedes-Benz to the old, pre-1993 entitling for its models, which has not and won't come true any time soon. That's because the Stuttgart-based carmaker will move on with the current nomenclature, set to be enriched with new class designations in the next 2-3 years.

While the standard A-, B-, C-, E-, G-, M-, and S- single letters will still form the basic vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz portfolio, the niche variants will get new names. The future coupe (2-dr or 4-dr) and cabriolet Mercs will receive the "CL" preffix followed by the letter of the class they belong to. For example, the next generation of the E-Class Coupe will be entitled CLE. On the same rule, we shall also get the CLA compact 4-door coupe and the CLC for the forthcoming C-Class Coupe/Cabriolet. Only the CLS won't follow the basic principles and will stay as it is. For the future S-Class Coupe, we feel Mercedes-Benz will stick to the existing CL nameplate.

The upcoming sports vehicles under the Star brand will display the "SL" particle and a different letter depending on the size of the model. The traditional SL-Class is here to stay, as is the SLS AMG or the SLK. Starting 2014, a new supercar below the modern Gullwing will be revealed under the SLC badge, which was wrongly associated with the next generation of the luxury flagship 2-door model.

The new crossovers and SUVs from Mercedes-Benz will also receive new names: the compact class GLA and the GLC replacing the current GLK, both of which evolve from the GL root. At the moment, two aspects remain blurry: will the German constructor preserve the R-Class and will the new M-Class SUV Coupe be called MLC or CLM? We shall get answers to these inquiries from 2015 onwards.

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