SPY: Mercedes-AMG continues testing for the new all-wheel-drive sports traction

Mercedes-Benz wants to offer a complete and challenging range of compact-sized models, so alongside the standard A-Class/B-Class and their niche derivates (future CLC and GLC), the Stuttgart-based constructor is set to launch a lineup of hot AMG versions for the compact class.

The forthcoming, Affalterbach-prepped vehicles will showcase a dynamic powertrain based on supercharged 4-cylinder gasoline engine with 320-350 hp and a newly developed all-wheel-drive traction system intended for top sports performance. While there were numerous reports in the past regarding the addition of a B 25 AMG potent MPV, it now appears the prototypes that appeared so far are solely modified B-Class cars fitted with the new 4x4 platform and thus used for testing the new underpinning configuration. Anyway, if the B 25 AMG is not coming at all whatsoever, interested clients will be able to choose between the spicy A 25 AMG and CLC 25 AMG, which are scheduled for release either late this year or early in 2013.

Image Credits: Motor Authority

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