A new digital campaign from Mercedes-Benz: The A-Class QR-Trophy

Mercedes-Benz launches hunt for the QR-code A-Class prototypes

They are hunted by the automotive press, followed by auto enthusiasts around the world and now you can win with them: the test prototypes of Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz launches an unusual and innovative campaign of digital communication for the new A-Class. Instead of the usual camouflage patterns seen so far, prototypes of the new A-Class used in Germany will be plastered all over with QR codes by the end of February. Whether on streets or in pictures, in the media or on the internet, car passionates can scan the codes and win an exclusive trip for two to the world premiere of the new A-Class in early March at Geneva. From the first week of next month, the free app "The A-Class QR-Trophy" for smartphones will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Android Market. A special webpage dedicated to this game is already available at http://qr-trophy.mercedes-benz.com/ (available in German only, at the moment). Mercedes-Benz' marketing/PR agency Jung von Matt / Alster directed the idea and the implementation of this special contest.

Scanning the QR code on a prototype - regardless of whether on the street, in the media or photos on Facebook, Twitter etc. - automatically creates a URL to access the mobile app. By registrating with the app you have the opportunity to participate in the competition. Various, so-called "badges" (character recognition) are hidden behind the QR codes and thus can be collected within the app.

Altogether there are four different badges. Three of them are turned over to scan the QR code, the fourth will be activated via sharing on social media platforms, and thus requires no QR code. Even with a badge, users can participate in the contest. Each one is valuable and further increases the chance of winning, as the user takes part with any of the four badges in the game.

Credits: Daimler AG

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