The new Mercedes-Benz Citaro regular-service bus: Economical, comfortable, safe and stylish


- Completely redeveloped model to gradually replace the global bestseller
- Cheerful design makes it even more attractive
- A string of measures to further increase economy
- New interior styling and lighting for excellent passenger comfort
- Debut of ESP in low-floor vehicles/urban buses
- New cockpit sets new standards for operation and comfort
- All-round consolidation of the benchmark status

Stuttgart/Mannheim, Germany, May 20, 2011 – After selling over 31,000 units during 13 years of ongoing development, the world’s undisputed best-selling urban regular-service bus is about to extend its lead with the debut of a brand new Mercedes-Benz Citaro. The new model builds on the numerous strengths of its predecessor. Transport operators, passengers and drivers alike all stand to gain from the superlative qualities of a regular-service bus that has not only been designed for uncompromising economy, comfort and safety, but boasts smart, sophisticated looks too. Numerous innovations can be found throughout the bus, from the front bumper all the way back to the tail lights. Transport companies benefit from the further improvements in economy, passengers can look forward to even greater comfort and an unrivalled level of safety, while drivers will find an all-new workstation awaiting them. The new Mercedes-Benz Citaro continues in the tradition of its predecessor by setting a further milestone in bus and coach development.

The new Citaro: more stylish than ever

The face of urban and suburban bus transport has now taken on an even more cheerful aspect. The arrival of the Citaro in 1997 marked the end of the era of box-shaped regular-service buses with a sober, purely functional design, and this same approach has been consistently adopted for the all-new design of the new model, which has undergone complete redevelopment from tip to tail. The “face” of the new Citaro, with its large headlamp assemblies and curved windscreen, has a genial, cheerful expression. The deep side windows radiate transparency, while distinctive wheel arches symbolise dynamism. The new Citaro uses curves to great effect at the rear end too, also giving it a sophisticated, likeable feel. This all makes it something of an ambassador for an attractive form of public passenger transport.

The new Citaro: unbeatable economy

Besides its cheerful appearance, the new Citaro is as practical as ever too: take the large headlamps with integrated daytime running lamps, for instance, which substantially improve light output and thus safety. LED headlamps are available as an alternative to the standard conventional bulbs. The side panelling segments wrap around the lower edge of the vehicle and protect the hem section. The new Citaro inherits the BlueTec diesel engines from its predecessor, which are renowned for their fuel-efficient, clean-running operation. However, a raft of measures has been implemented to make the new Citaro even more economical than the outgoing model, which was itself a paragon of cost efficiency.

LED bulbs for both the interior and exterior reduce power consumption, and generally last for the whole of the bus’s service life. Longer maintenance intervals for the automatic transmission, rear axle and the ventilation filter for the driver’s area help to reduce costs. There is also the option of a new air-conditioning system with reduced procurement and running costs. On the revenue side, additional advertising measures can now be implemented in the interior thanks to some new marketing ideas, such as the novel grab rails with advertising inserts.

The new Citaro: unbeatable comfort

The redesign of the passenger compartment together with the new grab rail concept gives the Citaro an even tidier appearance. Brighter colours and the uncluttered ceiling design make the interior seem even airier and more inviting. The bus’s new lighting concept includes broad illumination of the entrance and exit areas, indirect illumination of the outer ceiling flaps, as well as optional reading lights in the passenger compartment. This has the additional effect of curbing the risk of vandalism.

The new Citaro: unbeatable safety

Having already led the way in its segment, the safety concept in the new Citaro raises the bar again. It includes a double premiere: firstly, there is the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which has never before been available for either a low-floor vehicle or an urban bus. And to enhance visibility, there is the option of a cornering light function and bi-xenon headlamps. The standard main headlamps have a noticeably higher light output too. Integrated daytime running lights with conventional bulbs likewise form part of the standard specification, and are also available to order in an LED version as an option. The raised driver’s area has been designed for an improved all-round view too. Passive safety, meanwhile, is boosted by front impact protection in accordance with the ECE R 29 standard – unprecedented for an urban regular-service bus – as well as an even more rigid framework structure.

The new Citaro: unbeatable operating convenience

The driver sits in a totally redesigned cockpit. The instrument panel meets the specifications of the Association of German Transport Operators, yet it has an airier feel to it than before, as well as offering greater kneeroom, far more information and optimised ergonomics. A control pad in the new steering wheel improves ease of operation, as do additional DIN slots for plug-in units, more space in the extended front section and the raised height of the workstation. Anti-aggression cabs are available ex factory for the driver’s protection – the basic raised seating position puts drivers at eye level with passengers, which already increases the sense of safety. Improvements have also been made to the lighting of the driver’s cab, its ventilation and the stowage facilities.

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