Report: McLaren to launch the new MP4-26 after the Valencia tests

Back on last Friday, it was announced that McLaren-Mercedes will not premiere its new MP4-26 2011 single-seater until the first series of pre-season tests in Valencia, 1st to 3rd February. The only certain detail about the unveil of the car regards the location: Berlin was chosen to stage the showcase of the MP4-26. Given the conditions, McLaren will compete a modified, interim version of the MP4-25, fitted with key aerodynamical parts from the upcoming single-seater, throughout the Valencia F1 tests, with the purpose of gathering more necessary data about the functioning of the new Pirelli tyres in order to achieve the best possible setup for the new 2011 car. Expect the MP4-26 to be released any time starting from the 4th February.

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