Official computer illustration: the new MGP W02

After a leaked image appeared today in the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, MERCEDES GP PETRONAS has just officially released a digital 3D rendition of the new MGP W02 single-seater for the 2011 F1 season. The real car will debut at Valencia on the upcoming Tuesday. Till then, we can fairly judge the design of the second modern Silver Arrow. The nosecone suffered an important revamp, becoming sleeker and longer. The front wing received an intricate, aerodynamically-purposeful shape, whereas the side air vents grew in size to become more effective at cooling the engine. The colour scheme of the MGP W02 is also fresh, as the silver colour has now been accentuated, becoming deeper and shinier. There has also been applied a visible rearrangement of the logos of partners and sponsors of the team on the body of the new Silver Arrow, as they are now more clearly defined, more elegant and more profound in terms of first visual impact - please observe, for instance, how sharply contoured and personalized is the Three-Pointed Star on the nosecone or the PETRONAS logos sitting on the front and rear wings.

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