The new MoVe V6 and V8 units: first details surface

The first concrete details about the anticipated MoVe brand new range of powerful, yet highly efficient engines emerged on the internet today.

We are talking about an all new 4.7 litres V8 powerplant and a 3.5 litres V6 one. The V8 units features a displacement of 4663 cmc, twin turbocharging, direct injection and a start/stop system. The figures are impressive:435 BHP, 700 Nm and a fuel consumption level improved by up to 22 percent.

The V6 powerplant sports a new architecture of the cylinders, which have are now placed at an angle of 60 degrees compared to the old 90 value. The maximum output equals 306 BHP, whereas the high-end torque reaches 370 Nm. According to the measurements made by Mercedes-Benz, the fuel economy is 24 percent better than that of the old V6.

The impressive performance numbers have also been achieved by completely redesigning essential components such as the water pump, oil pump and fuel pump, which were tweaked in order to function sharper and efficiently. The management of all those key parts is ensured by an intelligent comand unit, which takes care that everything works fine under the bonnet and the driver can really enjoy all the benefits of the new powerplants.

The first models to use the MoVe units will be the new S-Klasse Coupe(or CL-Klasse Facelift) and the S-Klasse Limousine.

More official information will be probably released this week.

Source of the photos >> Edmunds - Inside Line

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