Maybach at the Detroit Auto Show 2009 - PART IV


Detroit, USA, Jan 11, 2009

Center of Excellence and Maybach Manufaktur: The heart of the Maybach brand

- Capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements

- Highly attentive customer support is central to the brand philosophy

Alongside technical perfection and stylish elegance, top priority is given to offering comprehensive support for a highly discerning clientele. As ever at Maybach, customer requirements are the measure of all things.

People who buy a Maybach do not generally do so on the basis of the brochure and the list of equipment options. The way this luxury car is put together is the result of an extensive exchange of ideas between the customer and the Maybach designers or engineers. This exchange of ideas takes place either at the Centerof Excellencein Sindelfingenor one of the other Maybach Centers dotted around the world. Here, customers can look through a remarkable selection of the most sumptuous materials, exclusive colours, and innovative technical details. This wide variety of fine woods, natural stone, fabrics, leathers and other exquisite appointments finishes forms the basis for the extremely personalised styling of each and every Maybach saloon.

The team of experts can fulfil even more unusual and exotic requests through continuous dialogue with the customer. As a result, every Maybach saloon is a highly-prized one-off, characterised exclusively by the personal style and taste of its owner.

Individually tailored customer advice with new high-tech systems

Customers who are unable to visit the Centerof Excellenceto design and equip their car in person can use Maybach's video-conferencing facility to talk to the experts in the design, technology and production departments and obtain tailored advice in this way. An innovative computer-aided advice system based on virtual-reality technology makes it easier to view and select the numerous interior trim elements, materials and colours. Every MaybachCenteris equipped with this state-of-the-art system.

Unrivalled, attentive customer support around the clock

The key customer-support role is played by the Personal Liaison Managers who each look after a very select group of Maybach owners, offering them advice in all matters relating to their Maybach and, if required, providing a whole range of other services, such as organising trips to visit the Maybach Manufaktur, planning the vehicle's service schedule or reserving tickets for the next Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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