GLK-Klasse "completely naked"!

If MB thought that GLK-Klasse will remain a mystery up to its official unveiling, they were wrong. The upcoming GLK SUV is starring, along with Sarah Jessica Parker or Kim Catrall, in the brand new 'Sex and the City Movie'. So, during movie shoots in Beverly Hills, the guys from MB had to take the wraps off the SUV, so revealing all the details spy photographers and journalists wanted. Finally, after a very long wait, everyone gets to see the cool boxy GLK-Klasse. I think that MB staff is quite affected by this event, because they planned to unveil the Vision GLK Concept at NAIAS 2008, and the production version of the GLK at Geneve, in March. Now, having seen the spy photos and also a spy movie, are there (still) any logical reasons for unveiling the concept?

Click here for more photos!

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