Breaking NEWS:Photos of the facelifted CLS 63 AMG emerge on MB Deurschland official website!

Well, MB Deutschland website seems to be quite a big surprise for all of us. After the SL 63/SL 65 AMG teaser, we are now delighting our eyes with the curvy and sexy lines of the 2008 updated CLS 63 AMG model. I can say that the overall changes are minore and very hard to observ by an untrained eye, but all in all, the car remains beautiful and full of sex-appeal. One said that the facelift on such an impressive looking car is a tricky operation, because unconciously you can ruin it. It is already beautiful, and if you try to make it more beautiful, well, you could be disappointed by the result. And the customers too.

Technically sepaking, CLS 63 AMG facelift will be powered by the same 514 BHP V8 unit.

Visit MB Deutschland website in order to find out more about the upcoming CLS 63 AMG!

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