SPY - 2010 Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman FL test prototype spotted

After the Stuttgart-flagship got a new make-up at the middle of its life-cycle, it was obvious that other models under the S-Klasse range would receive the same aesthetique treatment. The most recent model to undergo a facelift is the ultrahigh-luxury, extended-wheelbase limousine badged S 600 Pullman. It has been recently spotted by spy photographers in the form of a test prototype.

Marian Angelescu
Vice-Editor, Mercedes-Benz-Blog

Although it was officially introduced only one year ago, the Pullman will enter in 2010 in new clothes. The visual modifications will be identical to those on the recently-revealed FL W221:redesigned headlights and rear lights featuring LED-technology, retouched front air intakes & rear bumper, and for a more exclusive look, lots of chrome stripes surrounding the whole car. The interior will benefit from the addition of the finest materials:leather upholstery, wood and metal trims. The car will also be garnished with the latest technologies in communication and security that made their debut on the FL W221 and on the S-Guard model, whereas its (royal/high-status/wealthy) passengers will travel in complete relaxation embraced by the already famous pleasure plants installed inside the car:the multicontour seats, providing ventilation, heating and many massage functions to make you feel 100% pampered, while enjoying a glass of the finest French wine.

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