Mercedes-Benz - BMW alliance takes shape

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and Happy New Year!

The first news on our blog for year 2008 is about the possible Mercedes-Benz - BMW alliance. Up until now, we know that in 2007 Mercedes-Benz had talks not only with BMW, but also with FIAT, in order to build up a cooperation. But none of the discussions worked out, so Mercedes-Benz decided to go further on its own.

Now, we learn that Mercedes-Benz has not given up easy this battle, so it continues the talks with its biggest rival from Bavaria, BMW. The joint-venture with BMW sketched in Mercedes-Benz's mind does not resume only to builduing small and compact cars together, but also using in cooperation the engines each carmake has(MB points to MINI motors) and developing together assemblies like axles, gears or other driving systems.

Very interesting indeed;I am very curious about the final result of the discussions.

Don't forget to check back later on our blog for more interesting news on this particular subject.

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